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Bamford Watch Department SE Submariner California

Posted by admindt, May 15th, 2012

The Bamford Watch Department introduces the new SE Submariner California. Based o the Rolex Submariner, the iconic watch got the standard Bamford black PVD treatment, but that is not all. Aside from special branding and a unique dial design, this special edition comes housed in a shockproof/waterproof customized Otter box and comes complete with Nato strap and bracelet tool.

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  1. […] The new SE Submariner California created by Bamford Watch Department is modeled after the RolexSubmariner. This black timepiece incorporates classic Rolex style with heavy duty military-style features. A unique new dial accompanies the black PVC treated timepiece as well as some extra incentive features. The watch comes housed in a shockproof and water resistant case along with a heavy duty nylon wrist strap and a novelty engraved dog tag. The SE Submariner California has it’s place in corporate America and even the rugged outdoors.  [via definitivetouch] […]

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