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J.L. Lawson & Co. Brass VII Bottle Opener

Posted by admindt, December 14th, 2012

Founded in 2011, J.L. Lawson & Co. has maintained its focus in creating beautiful jewelry and accessories since its inception. Named after and run by three generations of the Lawson family, the company prides itself on its name and dedication to high quality creations bearing both professional practicality and personal symbolism. The latest development from the J.L Lawson & Co. brand is the Brass VII Bottle Opener. At just 3″ long, 1/2″ square and machined from one single bar of brass, the VII Bottle Opener is a stylish and functional piece of equipment. After months of deliberating on the design and overall concept of the product we see here the finished article; understated, elegant and with only the addition of two finger grooves for the user’s comfort. Being released in a very limited quantity with eight available for shipping in time for the holidays, the Brass VII Bottle Opener is priced at $72 USD.

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