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Behind The Scenes At Adam Kimmel Autumn/Winter 2012 Show

Posted by Steve Southon, February 8th, 2012

Adam Kimmel’s most recent runway showcase at Paris Men’s Fashion Week was inspired by an interesting yet fitting theme for his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. With the mystery of 2012 looming over our heads, Kimmel decided to feature another earthly secret by finding inspiration for his collection in AREA 51.

The clothing mimicked traditional military dress of the 50s’ and 60s’, using navy green, blue, grey, and beige as prominent colour choices used throughout the collection. Corresponding with this notion, Kimmel’s Autumn/Winter collection features a minimalist design, with little colour contrast or inclusion of pattern, that would liven up the nature of each piece. These features successfully encapsulate the vision Kimmel was inspired by, focusing on heritage items that offer a tinge of modernity to American basics. On the runway, the added touch of pilot helmets and greaser influenced hair solidified the show as a total success.

Further highlighting this motif, Kimmel set the scene for his show beautifully, with airplane wings shooting up out of the floor, and eerie U.F.O inspired lights flashing about. To top off the exceptionally executed aesthetics, Kimmel had a perfectly spooky description of an alien spacecraft paired with the sounds of fighter jets as the soundtrack for the show.

We always love when a designer chooses to become fully invested within a common theme, and Adam Kimmel nailed it with his Autumn/Winter 2012 showcase at Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

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