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2009 Wrap Up – Top 12 Lifestyles Quotes – Definitive Touch

Posted by definitive touch, January 10th, 2010


Since our launch in mid 2009, Definitive Touch has had the pleasure to interview many industry heavyweights about their life+style tips. Here we present our favorite from the past year. Be sure to check out the Lifestyles section for much more advice.

Invest in Textiles – Ken Chow, Crane

“When shopping, invest in pieces that are made of textiles that age nicely. Waxed cottons and leathers age and grow with you. Men get better looking with age; your clothes and accessories should as well.” – Ken Chow, Krane

Wash Your Jeans, Eventually – Örjan Andersson, Cheap Monday

“Do not wear your unwashed jeans for too long before the first wash. In 2000, I was wearing a pair for almost a year without washing them, and they became so dirty that I got big boils all over my ass. I had to go to the doctor and take medicine to get rid of them.” – Örjan Andersson, Cheap Monday

Find Your Individual Style – Allen Schwartz, ABS Men

“Fitting in is Boring. Style is a major component of individuality and making something your own is what makes the man.” – Allen Schwartz, ABS Men

Buy Clothes That Fit – Simon Spurr, SPURR

“Buy the Right Size Clothes. When investing in clothes, take the time to buy the right fit. Sometimes, the right fit is smaller, closer to the body than you think. You actually gain more movement and motion in a slimmer fitting garment as it sits closer to your body like a second skin, than something larger. The shoulder of a custom suit from Saville Row will sit on top of your shoulder (not off of it).” Simon Spurr, SPURR

Invest In Staples – Nicholas Kunz, Nicholas K

“You should always have the basics in your wardrobe: classic white shirt, black shirt, black and indigo denim, gray heather cashmere sweater, casual suit blazer, khaki or olive cargo shorts, thin white t-shirt, a great pair of vintage brown leather dress shoes. These are easy mix and match pieces that look great with anything.” – Nicholas Kunz, Nicholas K

Spend When It’s Special – Christopher Kunz, Nicholas K

“Spend more on things that are special. Don’t hesitate to buy a piece that really excites you because you feel it’s too expensive. After you factor all the times you bought something because it was a great price and figure how often you wear it than you usually lose out. Value is buying something that resonates with you and that makes you feel confident. You will find yourself reaching for these pieces over and over. Define value as pleasure and frequency of use.” – Christopher Kunz, Nicholas K

Plan Your Style – Matthew Waldman, Nooka

“Be goal oriented in how you dress: think about what you want to say about yourself, how you want to feel, or how you want to be perceived when you put an outfit together. Not only does this help direct your choices but has the added benefit of giving you something interesting to say when someone compliments you or asks about your outfit.” Matthew Waldman, Nooka

Raw Denim – Brandon Svarc, Naked & Famous

“I’m often asked the question, ‘when and how often should I wash my raw jeans?’ The fun of raw denim is that the end-consumer gets to decide its fate. If you want to be a denimhead then you will perhaps never wash your jeans so that they fade beautifully and take your personal shape. If you think that is too smelly, then I recommend not washing for as long as you can hold off, then when you are happy with how your jeans are fading, go ahead and wash. Or, you might just be a regular dude who likes the clean look of raw denim, but prefers a softer feel, you can go ahead and wash your jeans once a week or whenever you feel like it. Enjoy!” – Brandon Svarc, Naked & Famous

Be Confident – Temitayo Abidoye, Spindle & Canister

“You make the clothes; they don’t make you. Its impossible for me to think you look good if you don’t feel you look good. So wear it!” Temitayo Abidoye, Spindle & Canister

Be Subtle – Nick Friedberg, Nick Friedberg

“Stick to subtle stylish details that will make you look fashionable without being flashy.” <a href=""Nick Friedberg, Nick Friedberg

Choose Clothes Wisely – Jake Davis

“Clothing like friends are an extension of who you are. Choose them wisely.” – Jake Davis

Mix Your Style Genres – Alvin Manalo, Saint Augustines Academy

“Mix your genres so as not to look too ‘costumey’, e.g. mod-goth, dandy-grunge, business-beatnik.” Alvin Manalo, Saint Augustines Academy

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