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2009 Wrap-Up – Top 10 Grooming Products – Nicolas Travis, StyleFlavors

Posted by definitive touch, January 10th, 2010


Your skin is the largest living organ you have, so taking good care of it isn’t as much about vanity as it is ensuring a better quality of life. You take care of your heart, your joints, your lungs so why shouldn’t you take care of your skin?

Adopting a basic skin care regimen should be a prerequisite for every modern man. The old soap and water habit just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s pretty simple to get into the flow of putting your best face forward, one product at a time. Just remember: Cleanse, Repair, Moisturize.

It’s not easy finding a way through hundreds of products, but that said, you really don’t need to run the whole gamut to keep your skin in prime condition. Here is Style Flavors’ pick for top grooming products.

DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash


Everyday pollution, grime, and oil can clog up your pores and cause breakouts, skin dullness and enlarge the look of pores – so regular exfoliation is key to radiant, healthy skin that doesn’t look so constipated.

This light cleanser cleans deeply but yet leaves a protective film on your skin so you don’t get the tight feeling associated with some facial cleansers. With pure, gentle glycolic acid, this cleanser effectively cleans out dirt, oil and grime while sweeping off dead skin cells – paving the way for new, healthier skin cells, cleaner pores and a more even complexion. It’s super handy if you’re on a quick getaway and don’t want to pack a separate facial exfoliator – this just takes care of that by gently but surely exfoliating every day.

Get this DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash 250ml/8.5oz for US$35 at

Murad Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel


This easy-to-apply gel goes on before your moisturizer. With Hydroquinone; an effective proven skin lightening agent that inhibits melanin production, this gel gets to the source and gently exfoliates with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) while it lightens past skin damage and Licorice calms down skin irritation.

Spots became lighter after twice a day use for two weeks and my skin tone looked generally more even after the third week. It’s small, handy size makes this great for traveling especially on beach vacations when skin’s more prone to break outs after time spent under the sun. So using this with your blemish spot treatment will ensure clearer skin faster.

Get this Murad Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel 30ml/1oz for US$52 at

PCA SKIN pHaze 25 ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum


With Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and plant polysaccharides to increase lost suppleness, elasticity and radiance, this wrinkle fighting serum packs a punch in every drop.

Your eyes, your neck and your hands show the first signs of aging because of the thin skin associated with these areas so if you do not have the problem of wrinkles yet, use this solely on your eyes and neck and this tiny bottle will last you a couple of months. A little goes a long way.

I did just that and can say that this is a fantastic help. Eyes looked healthier and less droopy even after nights of insufficient sleep. The lines around the eyes slowly faded and this helped keep the eye area looking brighter, firmer and more lifted.

Get this PCA SKIN pHaze 25 ExLinea Peptide Smoothing Serum (1oz/30ml) for US$99 at

Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Hylauronic Acid/Peptide Capsules


This single dose capsules acts like a booster of sorts – you simple squeeze one and mix it with your night moisturizer. It’s that simple.

Hylauronic Acid works to intensively hydrate your skin by aiding your skin cells in retaining essential moisture. Hylauronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in your body but like all skin-benefiting agents, their supply diminishes as you age. So what this great capsule does is simply boost your skin’s Hylauronic Acid levels and in the process, prevent fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and work to restore a younger, fresher appearance.

This is also easy to transport. Simple pack a few in a zip-loc bag when traveling and be on your way. This is fantastic all year round – to help protect against harsh winters and to restore suppleness from the constant air-conditioning during the summer months.

Get this Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Hylauronic Acid/Peptide Single Dose Capsules for US$50 at

Clinique Superdefense Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 25


Prevention is always better than cure so before serious lines and wrinkles start to creep in, preventing them now will make things a lot easier in the future. This moisturizer with its advanced technology of antioxidants, vitamins and moisturizers help to combat the daily stress and grime that your skin is put through.

Daily use will result in healthier, brighter and smoother skin with decreased signs of aging. The SPF 25 helps protect against the harmful aging effects of the sun.

Get this Clinique Superdefense Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 25 ( Combination Oily to Oily ) 50ml/1.7oz for US$53.50 at

PREVAGE Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 30


Idebenone, the core ingredient in the Prevage line has been proven to be a powerful, potent antioxidant. One that is stronger than Vitamin C, E, Kinetin or Coenzyme Q10. Fight wrinkles, dullness, sun spots and other signs of aging smartly with this day moisturizer.

With SPF 30, this helps protect your skin from free radical damage and seal in moisture for a younger, fresher, radiant complexion.

Get this PREVAGE Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 30 (1.7oz) for US$125 at Elizabeth Arden.

Avon ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Dermabrasion System


This dermabrasion system with its eight week program is designed to slowly introduce exfoliation to your skin. Here’s how it works: There are four levels of strength in this tub and you should stick to each level for two weeks at a time.

So you use Level 1 from week one to week two and then Level 2 from week three to week four and so on and so forth. After the fourh week, you are advised to wait two-to-three weeks before starting at level 1 again.

After all eight weeks of this, you’ll see that this does what it says. In fact, it kicked some serious dead skin cells. Skin looked clearer from the first week and pores refined by the third week and the uneven skin tone – like the ones from past acne lightened and slowly disappeared after week four and while all this was going on, you’ll find your skin products absorbing better.

By the 7th week, skin looks and feels revived – softer and smoother with reduced imperfections. The waiting period is only a guide and it all depends on your skin type. Oily skin can afford to exfoliate more often while drier, sensitive skin should do it less frequently.

Get this Avon ANEW CLINICAL Advanced Dermabrasion System for US$28 at Avon.

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask


This Sulfur mask deep cleanses absorbs oil and reduced zits. With an easy to apply texture, this mask is useful product to have around. Its effectiveness in detoxing your face/pores and keeping zits at bay makes this a keeper.

If you have drier skin, this one works for you too. Just use this once a week instead of twice a week. A useful trick: dab a bit of this mask on individual zits and go to bed, the next day, wake up to smaller zits.

Get this DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask 4 oz (118 g) for US$38 at

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment


Your eyes and hands are the first parts of your face and body that show the signs of aging. As such, prevention is key and it’s not too late to start.

With this, eyes look instantly brighter courtesy of light diffusers and dark circles and bags lighter and less obvious with use. The light texture sinks in to hydrate, moisturize and condition the area around your eyes quickly.

By hydrating the thin layer of skin around your eyes, this helps with fine lines too. This eye cream makes for a fantastic companion after a night of drinking and painting the town red – so the stories you tell later flow from your mouth and not show up on your eyes.

Get this Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment 15ml/0.54oz for US$50 at

RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream


Retinol, a form of Vitamin A, is a proven wrinkle reducer. This eye cream packs retinol and Vitamin C to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness while lightening dark circles. The lightweight texture makes this a breeze to apply and the very wallet-friendly price makes this even more desirable.

Get this RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream for US$21.49 at

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