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2009 Wrap-Up – Top 10 Shoes – Matthew Waldman, Nooka

Posted by definitive touch, January 10th, 2010


Anyone who knows me, knows that (aside from Nooka) I am obsessed with three things: music, bicycling and footwear. I never wear the same pair of shoes/sneakers two days in a row. The positive outcome of such a lifestyle choice is that my feet never stink. Another one is that people always have a conversation starter with me.

So even though 2009 was a tough year economically, I was still able to rack up new footwear. Here is an edit of the top ten purely based on me reviewing the wear-and-tear of the soles to ascertain which ones were worn the most! As you can see from the photographs, even the expensive ones got a regular NYC pavement workout – no TLC for shoes as I know I’ll want a new crop next year!

Around the Shoes

around the shoes

These shoes are the perfect medium gray, like much of my wardrobe. The material doesn’t breathe at all, but as you know, sometimes one must suffer for fashion.

MUJI High-Cut Sneaker Black


Another pair that does not breathe at all, but at $40US, I’m not complaining,

Jil Sanders Aloha Rag Ltd Hightop


These shoes are as comfortable as they are good-looking. I got these at Aloha Rag in West Soho. Yummy!

adidas Goodyear Sneakers


Not sure i should, but I work out in these and ride my hybrid mountain bike around town. I guess if I drove a car to work, these’d be perfect driving shoes.

YMC High Tops


Soft Euro-style for my hairy feet.

MUG Connect the Dots High-Top


I got these at the M.U.G. pop up shop at the Shinjuku Isetan in Tokyo in march and they are great. I am so sad I dripped fried chicken grease all over them the first day i wore them in NYC :(

Prada Two-Tone Dress Shoe


Do I have to say anything about these? Beautiful!

Tretorn Gullwing Rainboot


These are so cute, I wear them even when it’s not raining, though my feet do heat up in the thick rubber.

Puma by Mihara Silver Sneaker


My most worn pair of shoes hands-down. I feel disco, I feel spaceman, I feel the future, I feel nooka!

Puma by Mihara Zebra Dots

mihara dots

I keep thinking I’m too old to wear stuff like this, but come-on, could you resist the fake leopard trim with the super tech materials/construction of the sole? Obviously, I couldn’t.

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