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2009 Wrap-Up . Top 5 DT Outfits . Definitive Touch

Posted by definitive touch, January 10th, 2010


Since Definitive Touch’s launch in late 2009 we have posted outfits almost weekly from products featured on the blog throughout the week prior. The following five are our favorites. Look out for many more to come in 2010.

The Rockstar

The guitar blows our mind everytime we see this outfit. This selection is wearable by everyone who has love for good rock music and the associated lifestyle. And don’t worry: you can leave the guitar out of the outfit. Originally appeared.

Dock Worker

‘The Dock Worker’ is a real heavy look for those bad boys who are still care about where the garments are coming from. The key item here is the collaboration between Dr. Martens and Raf Simons.
Originally appeared

Indian Summer

‘Indian Summer’ is a collection of timeless items. There is nothing better than a classic white shirt, boots and some handcrafted denim pants with a used look. Originally appeared

The Smart Horseman

We know that you might have to be boho to wear these clothes, but the mixture of red checks, blue shoes, and rider pants makes this outfit simply one of the best we’ve ever created. Originally appeared

Man on the Moon

Inspired by futurism and hi-tech, clothing like this will be seen more in the future. We are absolutely sure that Hi-Tech is a keyword for future fashion trends. Originally appeared

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