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Best of Menswear 2009

Posted by definitive touch, January 10th, 2010

2009 was a big year for emerging menswear and Definitive Touch couldn’t hope to cover it all. To ensure we got the best of the best this year, we enlisted the help of friends and family. See below for all of this years lists and don’t forget to check out the extremely talented authors behind each piece…

Menswear – General

Top 5 in Heavy Rotation by Jon Patrick (The Selvedge Yard)
Top 5 Places to Buy Stuff by Put This On
Top 10 Collaborations by Indigo & Cloth
Top 10 Collaborations by Secret Forts
Top 10 Items by Drinkin & Dronin
Top 10 Male Editorials by Marcello de Giuli (YVY Mag)
Top 10 Menswear Revivals by Cory Ohlendorf (Valet)
Top 12 Lifestyles Quotes by Definitive Touch

Menswear – Looks

Top 5 Definitive Touch Outfits by Definitive Touch
Top 10 Trends That Need to Die by Mister Mort
Top 25 Lookbook.Nu Looks by Definitive Touch
Top 25 Sartorialist Looks by Definitive Touch

Menswear – Accessories, etc.

Top 5 Hyped Sneakers by Limited Hype
Top 8 Sneaker/Shoe Collaborations by Limited Hype
Top 10 Accessories by Limited Hype
Top 10 Gadgets by Limited Hype
Top 10 Grooming Products by Nicolas Travis (StyleFlavors)
Top 10 Shoes by Matthew Waldman (Nooka)

Thanks Again

Drinkin & Dronin, Indigo & Cloth, Limited Hype, Mister Mort, Nooka, Put This On, Secret Forts, StyleFlavors, The Selvedge Yard, Valet Mag, YVY Mag.

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