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Posted by definitive touch, October 8th, 2010

In these uncertain economic times, we’re forced to spread our money out thinner than that rationed skiff of butter we allow ourselves on our morning toast. For the majority of the population, that means tightening budgets along with belts, but by no means does monetary mindfulness mean reverting to the moth-eaten sweaters of yore, and threadbare tobacco-wracked jeans you wore five times a week back in Uni. Be a proud penny-pincher; embrace your frugality with creativity and good humour. Ham it up with charismatic pieces triumphantly plucked from vintage bins and duct taped thrift store racks: a floppy hat, a retro suit, a vintage treasure or two and a charming pair of scuffed boots will do just the trick…

Outfit 1: A unique piece deserves the limelight – basic colours and cuts like neutral tee’s and utilitarian trousers are an understated canvas for rare finds like this vintage Barbour jacket. A pair of aviators – be they Ray Bans or uber-cheap Chinatown specials – finish off the look with a spritz of cool indifference. Jackets, footwear and bags are among the most versatile vintage finds, and have the added benefit of being more visionary than ubiquitous faded band t-shirts and shredded Levi’s.

Outfit 2: I’ll bet Mr. Chiseled Cheeks over here knows a thing or two about scouring basements and yard sales for choice finds. His suit is by no means a perfect fit, let alone tailored with professional finesse, yet he makes it work through an artful command of colour and detail. The rumpled suit is complimented by the carelessly angled hobo hat and well-worn deck shoes, and offset by the delicate chambray beneath. When sporting vintage attire, it’s often stylistically beneficial to include at least one high quality, contemporary piece to cut eccentricity with some good old traditional class.

Outfit 1 was sourced from The Sartorialist, Outfit 2 was sourced from STYLECLICKER.

This week’s Ladies Touch is written by Sarah Parniak, a freelance writer and style enthusiast.

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