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Ladies Touch – Pocket Squares

Posted by definitive touch, March 4th, 2010

Once upon a time, you weren’t a man of worth unless you sported all the accoutrements of a fetching, cultivated young chap: tailored jacket, hat, gloves, cane, snuffbox and pocket square. Happily, times have changed and the pocket square is no longer as definitive of social standing as it once was, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve a little love and recognition as a solid indicator of class and style. Nothing screams suave quite like the silken corners of an artfully folded handkerchief peeking out from the breast of a well-tailored suit. Let’s explore some prime examples, shall we?

Outfit 1: I love pretty much everything about this man, and kind of want to wed him. Romantic female whim aside, I’ll halt my digression to note that homie is rocking the hell out of one of the nicest suits I’ve ever seen, accented perfectly by his pocket square of choice. The subtle rainbow of colors in the pocket square coincides with the slight iridescence of his suit, helping to create a remarkable look. Because he’s chosen to sport a pocket square, which immediately refines his look, he’s able to pull off a casual turtleneck without doing his gorgeous suit a serious injustice. Oh, and what’s that I spy? A man purse. That’s right, classy men and murses seem to go hand-in-hand these days.

Outfit 2: This young gent would have been a serious catch back in the day. All he’s missing are his hat and cane, because I’m sure there’s a snuffbox tucked neatly inside his lovely hunter green jacket. Again through such a small addition to his outfit, he’s able to keep it casual with a turtleneck and still look incredibly poised. He’s made a much more courageous choice in pocket square, and I’m surprised to say that I find that these two unlikely shades of green look great together. I think the key is in the proportions: the little flash of lime contrasting with the rich, deep green of his jacket makes his outfit that much more memorable. One of the beauties of the pocket square lies in its size: because it’s such a small accessory, it allows you to explore contrasts and colorways that would be otherwise overwhelming. 

Ladies Touch by Sarah Parniak; a freelance writer and style enthusiast

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