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Ladies Touch – Rock Star

Posted by definitive touch, October 15th, 2010

Every man fantasizes about their own moment in the spotlight, that pinnacle of popularity when women’s chests heave desirously at the very sight of your coiffed ‘do and tight pants, and other dudes puff in your presence, betraying an acute blend of jealousy and admiration. Only a select few actually enter the guitar-smashing, riot-rallying limelit arena of superstardom, but, as luck would have it, masquerading as a rock star doesn’t have anything to do with talent, fortune or hook-ups. Rock on, stylish men of the world…

Outfit 1: Call me juvenile, but a pair of slim cut, bright-colored jeans are a must in any moderately alternative wardrobe. They carry an inherent vitality and panache, and pair well with a wide range of pieces – from neutrals and shades, to leather, mesh, patterns and tatters. A kickass pair of leather boots are another rock star essential; subtly scuffed or shined to a tee, they command attention and afford the wearer both comfort and versatility. When channeling your favourite rock icon, bring your loudest accessories into heavy rotation and take pride in a little natural hair grease.

Outfit 2: If Signor numero uno is drawing on classic rock with a contemporary flair, the gent here is repping 80’s glam rock infused with a streak of modern hipster. I’m slightly dubious about denim shirts, but I like the contrast against the fitted, patterned pants, and the resultant integration of glamourous and casual elements. Leather cuffs are uber-masculine accessories that are understatedly badass, and your favourite bandana transforms fluidly from wrist decoration to head dress to sexy scarf.

Outfit 1 was sourced from STYLECLICKER, Outfit 2 was sourced from Face Hunter.

This week’s Ladies Touch is written by Sarah Parniak, a freelance writer and style enthusiast.

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