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Lifestyles – Nicholas K (Nicholas and Christopher Kunz)

Posted by definitive touch, June 16th, 2009


Nicholas K is a New York based design company, founded in January of 2003 by siblings Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. Nicholas K was conceptualized with the intent of providing sophisticated customers with modern classics to become wardrobe staples.

Nicholas Kunz

Cofounder and creative director, Nicholas L Kunz attended FIT in New York and the Polimoda School of Design, in Florence. Upon her return to the U.S. Nicholas took a position with DKNY and later joined the founding team of Coach Men’s sportswear. Over the next 8 years Nicholas worked with other design companies including Nautica, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hillfiger and Polo, operating in primary positions and overseeing the design and coordination of five new labels. Immediately prior to founding Nicholas K, Nicholas worked as a full-time consultant for Calvin Klein (CK women’s outerwear collection and US and European jeans). Unlike most designers, Nicholas’ experience from working with large multinational corporations afforded her a broad and thorough understanding of all consumer segments.

Christopher Kunz

The corporate operations of Nicholas K are overseen by cofounder Christopher L Kunz, who graduated with an MBA, summa cum laude from the Eller Graduate School of Management in Marketing and Finance, and with a BS majoring in both Biochemistry and Molecular Cellular Biology. Prior to Nicholas K, Christopher worked with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, providing his expertise to early stage companies, guiding them on all aspects of operations from competitive marketing analysis to strategic positioning. Christopher’s previous experience in the fashion industry ranges from runway to retail, working with companies such as Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Lifestyles – Nicholas:

1. Never over accessorize, if you’re not sure, don’t wear it.

2. You should always have the basics in your wardrobe: classic white shirt, black shirt, black and indigo denim, grey heather cashmere sweater, casual suit blazer, khaki or olive cargo shorts, thin white t-shirt, a great pair of vintage brown leather dress shoes. These are easy mix and match pieces that look great with anything.

3. Add a little color. A thin red leather belt could add a stylish touch to a more conservative look, or cotton voile shirts in sun bleached colors like lavender, corals, lemons, and blues look great with denim or shorts in the summer.

4. Simple and classic is always better for shoes. Don’t draw attention to your feet first, the shoes should compliment your outfit, not take over.

5. Dress for the occasion. Function and comfort should always come first. A guy should look effortless, sexy, natural, and confident,

6. Add some prints for a more eclectic look and mix in some cool vintage pieces, play around a little and find your own style.

Lifestyles – Christopher:

1. Figure out what your personal sense of style is. This is not always easy and everyone can use some guidance but a good place to start is to look at your entire wardrobe and acknowledge the things you use often and make you feel the best. There is nothing worse than wearing something that makes you uncomfortable.

2. K.I.S.S. don’t try and overdo your wardrobe. It’s usually easy to spot someone that tries too hard. Its also difficult to put something together when you give yourself too many options. I often think of restaurants that have novels for menus. The best dressed often keep it simple and do it right.

3. Spend more on things that are special. Don’t hesitate to buy a piece that really excites you because you feel it’s too expensive. After you factor all the times you bought something because it was a great price and figure how often you wear it than you usually lose out. Value is buying something that resonates with you and that makes you feel confident. You will find yourself reaching for these pieces over and over. Define value as pleasure and frequency of use.

4. Eat well and exercise. Stay away from highly processed foods and eat organic, nutrient rich foods. Your body will take care of you if it’s not trying to clear itself of junk. Ever put bad gas in a car or let it sit too long? It runs like garbage and in some cases needs professional help. Eat closer to the vine and treat yourself to high octane premium fuel.

5. Find hobbies or pursuits that engage and humble you. My hobbies usually have a strong physical strength component but it’s more important that they provide mental relief from everyday stress and worries. When I am flyfishing, archery hunting, skiing or pursuing any of my other interests it becomes much easier to temporarily forget about stress but also to realize their true importance.

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