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Posted by definitive touch, January 12th, 2010

Justin R. Saunders was born in Montreal, Canada in 1982 before moving to Germany in ’89, where he stayed for five years. He spent the better part of the ’90s skateboarding, drawing, playing basketball and traveling until he settled down a little and began a career in freelance graphic design. In his spare time, Saunders would busy himself with graffiti and art in general. He has since been enrolled in a Fashion Marketing Bachelors at ESMMontreal. He recently founded and has been the curator of JJJound for some time now…


1. Always dress the part.
2. When accessorizing: Less is More.
3. As far as grooming goes, always do your best.
4. If you’re out to buy something special, bring along a friend with taste…
5. Don’t take yourself too seriously – life is not supposed to be dull. Have a laugh

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