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Andy Sawyer 'Signs of Use'

Posted by definitive touch, March 5th, 2010

Working out of Manchester, U.K, photographer Andy Sawyer has created a visually dynamic series titled ‘Signs of Use,’ capturing familiar objects that have seen their usefulness decline. The images, though minimalist in both content and setting, are none the less able to maintain a sense of aesthetic appeal, inspiring the viewer to consider the story of human use apparent in these items. Sawyer’s ‘Signs of Use’ ultimately draws us to consider how usage affects our perception of everyday objects, and influences of our interaction with them.

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  1. […] Signs of Use, a kind of photographic archive of familiar objects whose usefulness is in decline by artist Andy Sawyer. [via Effie Kapsalis, SPI] […]

  2. Love the concept. Want to see more images.

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