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Dilek Ozturk 'Inside-Outside'

Posted by definitive touch, March 17th, 2010

Turkish photographer Dilek Ozturk has created ‘Inside-Outside,’ a haunting series of photographs that melds images of the female body with X-rays. The images, beautifully executed and edited, convey a ghostly glow about the subject, creating an interplay between the immediate surface of the image and the depths it explores. Ozturk’s ‘Inside-Outside’ is sure to capture any audience with its translucent and ethereal beauty.

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  1. Jane says:

    This is totally unoriginal. Artist David Foox was posted on fresh bump around valentines day for his heart painting. He took an x-ray of his chest and painted his heart on top of it with special paint. He played with illumination by hanging it in its x-ray box. It is a very beautiful original idea and I wish this artist wouldn’t have attempted to recreate such similar work because it is inferior.

  2. dilek ozturk says:

    hi, I am the owner of these photographs that you are talking about. this is my graduation project and I had no idea about that artist you mentioned. by the way i looked at that work, it so so far from the concept that I am exposing there. This is my own body map, I also took my body photos and alllign them with my x-rays. The visualization is totaly different. it is not like painting an x-ray given here…
    this work is about exposing what is there under the skin and the top of the skin. it is nothing to do with foox’s work. it is all original. You shoul read and think a little bit before just criticising in that way…

  3. dilek ozturk says:

    and plus you become so inferior by making this comment for a personal work like that.

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