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Dita’s Lancier Unveiled

Posted by definitive touch, November 6th, 2009


Designer specifically for sportsmen engaging in high-speed racing, be that on water, in the air or on land, Dita Eyewear has unveiled its amazing Lancier collection of sunglasses. Each of the three-piece limited edition collection is timelessly stylish, technically advanced and lightweight. The frames are hand-crafted in Japan and feature specially designed quick-release system known as Temple Release™ technology, whilst the lenses offer the highest optical quality with or without polarization. The individually numbered Lancier collection will, however, only be available at 35 exclusive retail outlets, details of which can be found at the official Lancier web site along with extensive technical info.

Source: Hypebeast

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  1. Blank Label says:

    these are snazzy!
    hm. would have never guessed the technical purpose for the makeup of these glasses.
    anyhow, they’re look great for a summer day.

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