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Gareth James – London Street Photography

Posted by definitive touch, July 13th, 2009


Gareth James of London Street Photography showcases some fantastically gritty local street photography. Candid shots of what looks like primarily London’s lower-middle class are featured throughout the series which is completely in black and white. Among other themes, the series explores drugs, homelessness, music, and crime.

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  1. worm says:

    I think they are ‘lower class’, rather than ‘lower middle class’ seeing that they appear to be homeless people and alcoholics. thats the lowest you can get, there’s no middle in their class. but nice pictures


    Glenn O’Brien explains the door with “This is not a brothel” sign.

  3. bird says:

    @worm – You’re not ‘seeing’ as much as you are ‘looking’ since the old man wearing the suit, talking on the cellphone, riding in a minivan isnt exactly the reflection of homelessness. but thanks for commenting

  4. rz. says:

    sheltered much? none of these people look homeless at all, hardly even “gritty”.
    middle class for sure, they’re dressed nice and look perfectly nourished

  5. podz says:

    @worm @rz. yea no kidding. come to Newark NJ we’ll show you some real homeless people.

  6. Gareth James says:

    Love the fact my flicks made it up here.
    Plenty more to come :)

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