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Kangol FW 2011 Lookbook

Posted by Andrew Todd, August 25th, 2011

Kangol has just released their 2011 fall lookbook. The famous hat company has put lids on some of the worlds biggest celebrities and has a history drenched in quality.

As they continue global relevance, Kangol uses the members of the English band, Bleech as models for their Camden Market shoot. Consisting of pieces made in America, England and Italy, each factory run, features a slightly different function. Hats from the U.S., boast water resistance, while the Italian made pieces, will represent the fashion end of the label, and still the hats produced in England, will celebrate Kangol’s rich British heritage.

In a technical note, the ear flap hat contains embedded “Sound Disks,” which can be plugged into any music device and used as headphones. And with that, both Kool Moe Dee and Samuel L Jackson, are beating down our door.

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