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‘5 Beautiful Road Bicycles, 1 Woman’ by SHARP Magazine

Posted by admindt, April 23rd, 2012

Thank goodness for SHARP Magazine, the guys have been kind enough to share this excellent editorial shoot featuring five beautiful road bikes (& if we aren’t mistaken a Cervélo T3 track bike) wonderfully accesorized by model Alice Rausch. Photographer Trevor Brady captures the bicycles which include high-end models from Cervelo, FELT, and Cannondale.

Photographer: Trevor Brady
Styling: Kristine Hagedorn
Hair/Makeup to Rob Harmon
Model to Alice Rausch (Major Model Management)
Photography assistance to Eric Williams.

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  1. Jeremy Hawkins says:

    As a fan, both of your network and of cycling, I think it qualifies as slightly fucked up to refer to bikes as being “accessorized” by a woman.

    • admindt says:

      Hey Jeremy,to clarify we mean accessorized in the defined sense of ‘something that accentuates or makes something more appealing/attractive’, & we don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying that a beautiful woman like Alice Rausch makes an already beautiful bike even more so. If that’s wrong, we don’t want to be right.

      • Jeremy Hawkins says:

        Clarification understood, but it still relies on making the woman into a thing or an object. (It doesn’t hurt that in these photos, Alice Rausch has received a heavier paintjob than the bikes.) And the thing about denotations is that they mean nothing if everyone, in usage, understands something else.

        I’d never criticize you for celebrating beauty or its synergies. But—I include myself in this—can’t we be smarter about it? One of the things I love about your network is that you speak to my interests in fashion and design, without most of the chest thumping that Esquire and GQ (for example) use to make sure we don’t forget they are for “men.” Otherwise I’d get my fashion tips from Maxim. (Oh how I joke.)

        I’m sorry if I was heavy-handed in my original comment. What I meant to indicate, though, was that I hope you’ll return to language that can’t be misconstrued, and which separates you from your competition as well as the sites that post pictures of the models at import car shows.

        For what it’s worth, even if this is more directed at Sharp Magazine, and as much as I love boobs, I just kind of want to see the bikes.

        • admindt says:

          Absolutely Jeremy, we understand exactly what you mean. Your comment started a discussion in the office & largely we settled on your side in regards to the potential for multiple interpretations, one of which can be somewhat unpleasant in its view of women.

          Can’t agree with you more on the bikes, we’re all avid cyclists here!

  2. frawnsh says:

    it’s a T1, not a T3, sexy nonetheless 😉

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