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The debut timepiece in Shinola’s “Great American Series”, The Wright Brothers™ Limited Edition watch is the very first in a series of annual watch releases created to honor iconic American innovators and industrial pioneers. Only […]


House Industries for Richard Sachs Limited Edition CX Bike

Posted by admindt, September 16th, 2013

Richard Sachs is a modern one-man industrial revolution who embodies all that is right in the world of bicycle building. It may be a long wait for one of his bicycles, but his philosophy and […]


Workman Cycles for Mind The Chap Cruiser Bicycles

Posted by Erik Adler, March 19th, 2013

Website Mind the Chap teamed up with Worksman Cycles on a Gentleman’s Roadster and a Retro Cruiser, both built in New York City and designed special for Mind the Chap. The Worksman Cycles was founded […]


Treviso, Italy-based bike company Biascagne Cicli and expert frame painter Riccardo Guasco have partnered for a fixed gear bike for charity City of Hope; an organization that looks to combat childhood leukemia. It truly is […]


Brooklyn Cruiser ‘Driggs 3′ Bicycle

Posted by admindt, April 14th, 2012

Here are Definitive Touch we love a nice fixie (in fact, at this very moment there are two here the office), but sometimes you sacrifice a little practicality in the name of speed & minimalism. […]


Tanner Goods Bike Accessories

Posted by Steve Southon, April 10th, 2012

Following their successful collaboration with Ira Ryan Cycles & Ned Ludd (watch a video here), Portland-based Tanner Goods has taken their always stunning aesthetic sense & high craftsmanship & applied it to a line of […]


Need Supply Co. x Carytown Bicycle Co. 'City Bike'

Posted by Steve Southon, December 6th, 2011

Two Virginia-based proprietors – Need Supply Co. & Carytown Bicycle Co. – have teamed up to create a custom-commissioned ‘City Bike’. The frame is an All City Big Block with a custom NSC/CBC paint job, […]


England’s Pashley bicycles has created this limited edition – only 50 will be made – run of bicycles to commemorate Rugby Ralph Lauren’s iconic ‘Tweed Run’ ride. Custom-designed & hand-built, these bikes are like rolling […]


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