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Editorial: New York Times 'Edible Selby' Olive Garden

Posted by Steve Southon, November 14th, 2011

La Tête Dans Les Olives, a sliver of a food shop and restaurant in the 10th Arrondissement, is the work of Cédric Casanova, a slack-rope walker who spent 15 years performing in traveling circuses, most recently Cirque du Soleil. Casanova developed a passion for Sicily’s fruity olives during summers he spent there as a child — his father is Sicilian — and wanted to share them with his hometown, Paris. The tiny épicerie offers oils and handpicked olives from his favorite growers, along with tapenades, sun-dried tomatoes and other seasonal delicacies. “The way people react to good olive oil is like what I see in the circus,” Casanova says. “People smile. They love it.”

Check out the entire interactive feature over at New York Times online.

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