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J. Crew Spring/Summer 2012

Posted by Luke Hall, September 14th, 2011

J. Crew’s head designer, Frank Muytjens is no stranger to mixing casual pieces with tailored goods, as is evident again by this collection. His inspiration for the s/s ’12 collection was inspired by the paintings of Fairfield Porter and Rauschenberg. And it appears the styling this season is centred around mixing different hues of the same colour, which is not something that’s been predominantly seen by the company until now.

The outerwear this season is really the cream of the crop, though. Snap pockets, cord collars and cuffs, leather zippers, and muted colours really lend these pieces to a more casual vibe. It will be interesting to see some of these pieces in person to get a much closer look at the details that get missed through online viewing.

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