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Ladies Touch – Lego Accesories

Posted by definitive touch, April 18th, 2009


Recently made popular by Dee and Ricky, lego accessories have been popping up everywhere from Marc Jacobs runway shows to Kanye West’s daily fits. It doesn’t get much more trendhoppy than buying a $100 broach you could make for yourself with 10c in lego pieces from your local Salvation Army, nonetheless these pieces can be pulled off properly.

Outfit One: A striking edition to a subtle palette, it’s hard to tell if this piece is custom or bought, but either way it looks smashing. The keys here are palette and texture. Subtle/solid earthtones provide a perfect foundation for a little bit of pizzazz.

Outfit Two: These items clearly are not for everyday wear, but sometimes it’s fun to go overboard. This custom self-made bowtie is so hyperbolic that it pokes fun at the lego-wearing trend, while simultaneously creating a wonderful centerpiece for the outfit.

Ladies Touch by Kaelee Vi; a New York based stylist who works primarily in local theatre.

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Comments (4)

  1. Wicked Halo says:

    I like the heart brooch, I would totally wear it!

  2. lego bow and black glasses, what more can u ask for

  3. dendoo says:

    that’s my boo geneticboi in pic one!! way to be featured baby!! much love, dendoo.

  4. Quan says:

    my friend told me I was featured on here, I was really surprised and flattered. Thank you for the mention!

    I’m person #1 as I have a bigger picture here of that outfit on my blog:

    and for the heart pin, I made it myself. why waste 70 dollars when you can make one under 10? :)

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