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Ladies Touch – Neck Chains

Posted by definitive touch, June 18th, 2009


Metal has a magical way of transforming an outfit, be it studs, spikes, wallet chains, or jewelry. For the Definitive Touch man, I’d suggest the latter. A striking chunk of bling is a simple way to make a statement without having to buy an out-there piece of clothing that ends up being hard to work into an outfit. Jewelry, such as these chunky gold chains, can be paired with nearly any color or style.

Outfit 1:
This smashing piece proves that layering isn’t just for clothes anymore. Chains in an array of colors, lengths and weights become the focal point of an otherwise basic (yet classy) outfit. The long, sweeping shape of the piece helps to elongate the figure and the boldness of the gold draws the eye away from the skin-tight denim shorts.

Outfit 2:
For those who rock the rocker-look, a single gold chain can really make an outfit pop. This hefty piece takes an all-black getup from borderline goth, to mysterious and smart. The slight sheen of the black t-shirt adds to the upscale appeal.

Ladies Touch by Karlina Rodriguez; a Toronto-based fashion magazine editor and style consultant.

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