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Julien Bergignat – Tattoo Bicycle Helmet

Posted by definitive touch, January 12th, 2010

French designer Julien Bergignat has taken inspiration from the Armadillo to create a lightweight, low cost, and recyclable bicycle helmet. The Tattoo helmet is entirely made up of polypropylene, and is able to transform from flat to three dimensional and back again in a matter of seconds. This design results in lower product shipping costs, and allows users to store their helmet in a backpack as apposed to carrying it around like a traditional helmet.

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Comments (10)

  1. Oliver says:

    cool idea … great!

  2. Joy says:

    That’s in interesting idea, but I don’t know how save that would really be.
    A helmet is meant to save your life, and that doesn’t look like it will protect the head all that well.

  3. Designed with PATRICE MOUILLE.

    Thank for the publication :-)

  4. Ana says:

    I’d love to buy one. It’s cool, it’s simple, and it matches my bike XD

  5. e says:

    That doesn’t look like it provides protection against an impact. nice design though.

  6. Cfawn says:

    I really love the idea, I’m stuck now with 3 helmets because I was unaware that they were not recyclable! Are these currently just a prototype or are they for sale?

  7. MJB says:

    If people who argue they don’t want to carry around a bike helmet will wear this, then great because it has to be better protection than no protection. Is this an actual product or design dream because I’d like to know what safety standards it meets.

  8. […] Taking inspiration from armadillo armor, this new style of bicycle helmet can unfold flat and be shipped/carried/folded up very efficiently.  Check out more information at Definitive Touch here. […]

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